Stress Master with UTE (1 gal.)




Stress Master 0-0-31 with UTE (Uptake Enhancement Technology)

Stress Master UTE is formulated for summer stress in turf grass. Stress Master can be beneficial to plant growth, enhanced plant and root development, improved plant health.

Other advantages of using phosphites include:

    • Effective control of Phytophthora, Downy Mildew and Pythium, as well as other diseases
    • Increased production of the natural fungicides (phytoalexins) effectively providing organic disease control
    • Multiple sites of action inhibiting the development of phosphite resistant strains
    • Low environmental toxicity, safer than aspirin

Turf Grass, Tees, greens & approaches, lawn, landscape turf and sports turf: 2 oz. to 5 oz. . per 1,000 sq/ft.

In many countries phosphite products are actually sold as fertilizers since the registration process for fungicides is particularly onerous. Scientists throughout the world have recognised that phosphite works effectively as both a fertilizer and a fungicide, regardless of how it is registered.

Precaution: Stress Master with uptake Enhancement Technology (UTE) is a highly concentrated material. If applying in combination with other materials, a compatibility test is recommended to avoid potential incompatibilities. Some complex concentrated tank mixes could show phytotoxicity when applied in very low water volumes during periods of high heat and humidity. Stress Master remains in the liquid phase on leaf surfaces for a prolonged period of time and demonstrates pronounced spray adjuvant properties. Stress Master potassium phosphite fertilizer stimulates plant health by helping to increasing plant health during periods of stress.

Derived from: Potassium Phosphite , a product produced by the acidulation of potassium hydroxide with phosphorous acid. Non plant food : Complex carbohydrate matrix

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1 Gallon, 2 x 1 Gallon